caveDB App Changelog

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Version 0.305.0

  • fix: minor fixed to place editor

Version 0.304.0

  • fix: some places not showing on map

Version 0.303.0

  • fix: editing a places position was not updating its location on the map until reloading the app

Version 0.302.0

  • feat: when user is search using the search box automatically zoom to the results

Version 0.301.0

  • fix: map tile downloads sometimes not starting until app is reloaded

Version 0.299.0

  • feat: change home location terminology to car location
  • feat: add marker on map at car location

Version 0.298.0

  • feat: you can now save your ‘home’ position and navigate back to it from the settings menu. This is useful to remember where you parked you car when you go bush bashing.

Version 0.297.0

  • feat: hide survey markers when zoomed out on map
  • fix: hide water related info from place view if site does not go to water

Version 0.296.0

  • fix: num showing label text badly aligned when recenter map button is showing

Version 0.295.0

  • fix: layout overflowing the screen on mobile browsers

Version 0.293.0

  • feat: show survey labels on map
  • feat: add show moderation queue command to tools
  • feat: add show change log command to tools
  • fix: do not show num site showing when display survey view
  • fix: set loading screen background color to black

Version 0.292.0

  • fix: move recenter map button to right handside to improve layout on mobile

Version 0.291.0

  • feat: move number of places showing message to the map window and free up some vertical space

Version 0.290.0

  • fix: move ‘recenter map’ button to top center of the map

Version 0.288.0

  • feat: when tracking location or navigating if you drag the map it will no longer snap back to your current location. A ‘recenter map’ button will display that will center the map on your location again.
  • fix: cleanup display of your current location while tracking and add copy to clipboard button

Version 0.287.0

  • fix: screen turning off when navigating

Version 0.285.0

  • fix: moderation requests not correctly ordered by submission date
  • fix: places are slow to update after editing when on a low speed connection
  • fix: photo location markers not being remove when closing media import in some circumstances
  • fix: media import not choosing closest place correctly in some circumstances

Version 0.284.0

  • fix: use correct app icon across site and app
  • fix: some changes to places not updating map icons

Version 0.283.0

  • feat: add feature type to map marker

Version 0.281.0

  • feat: when importing media the last place will be set after importing an image so you can set video location more easily.
  • fix: remove photo location map marker when closing the media import window
  • fix: excessive border around media import window
  • fix: when importing media only the first photo location was used
  • fix: hide ‘select place’ when importing file

Version 0.279.0

  • feat: always show KML regardless of filters
  • feat: speed up changing filters

Version 0.277.0

  • feat: add zoom to current filter button
  • fix: error importing some images
  • fix: do not automatically zoom to filtered places

Version 0.275.0

  • fix: when signing in on desktop the enter key should login

Version 0.274.0

  • feat: add smoothing to compass

Version 0.273.0

  • feat: improve startup speed when mobile reception is very bad

Version 0.272.0

  • feat: increase video size limit to 250mb
  • fix: show error if media exceeds the maximum size

Version 0.271.0

  • feat: increase video upload size to 250mb
  • feat: reduce time saving site updates
  • fix: trim whitespace from search text

Version 0.270.0

  • fix: filters not displaying correctly in some circumstances

Version 0.269.0

  • fix: searching by name not matching alternate names

Version 0.267.0

  • feat: improve startup speed

Version 0.265.0

  • feat: itemize contributions by adds and edits

Version 0.264.0

  • feat: allow filtering on empty site description

Version 0.263.0

  • fix: do not show tidal info if site is freshwater
  • polish: improve layout of place moderation request

Version 0.262.0

  • fix: batch import media was only using filtered places to try and get closest place to photo

Version 0.261.0

  • feat: initial support for user submitted content Users who do not have permission to edit a place can use the ‘Add Media’ button while viewing a place to submit photos, videos etc. These are place in queue that editors can see who will moderate the submission before adding it to the place. The original contributor gets the attribution for the update.

Version 0.259.0

  • fix: contributor stats showing the incorrect stats for the current week

Version 0.257.0

  • feat: add share button to place view to share links to sites with your friends

Version 0.256.0

  • fix: change routing to use the form `{id}

Version 0.255.0

  • feat: you can now directly show a place using a link of the form `{id}. The id is shown on the place view.

Version 0.254.0

  • fix: links in the place description now open in a new tab

Version 0.251.0

  • feat: Place descriptions now use markdown so you can add formatting.
  • fix: Cleanup header layout on mobile devices

Version 0.250.0

  • fix: search bar not working correctly

Version 0.249.0

  • feat: improve filtering.
    • User can now save filters
    • Choose between preset filters
    • Improved performance

Version 0.244.0

  • feat: enable public access
  • feat: slight improvement to place warning display
  • feat: allow adding warnings to places

Version 0.243.0

  • feat: add dive specific information if ‘goes to water’ is true including, max depth, water type and is tidal

Version 0.242.0

  • feat: allow setting display unit to imperial or metric in the user settings

Version 0.241.0

  • fix: spreadsheet view column headers out by one

Version 0.240.0

  • feat: allow deleting place from spreadsheet view

Version 0.239.0

  • feat: clicking on media list on place will now open it in the gallery

Version 0.234.0

  • fix: add place broken

Version 0.232.0

  • fix: minor layout fixes to place media list

Version 0.231.0

  • feat: add media section to place view to easily download attached media

Version 0.229.0

  • feat: add basic contribution statistics. Open main menu and choose Contributions from the tools section

Version 0.226.0

  • feat: allow user to set an avatar image. Max size is 256kb

Version 0.222.0

  • fix: reduce UI freezing due to map markers
  • fix: enable tile cache not working

Version 0.221.0

  • feat: type in the search bar now overrides all other filter settings to make it easier to find regardless of current filter

Version 0.220.0

  • feat: add youtube videos with the video URL
  • fix: gray out measure tool when not enabled

Version 0.219.0

  • feat: support adding youtube content to a site.

Version 0.218.0

  • feat: add copy to clipboard button for place geo location

Version 0.217.0

  • fix: close button sometimes not working on place view

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