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Photo by Mikael Kristenson

caveDB App Changelog

Change is good!

Version 0.363.0

  • feat: add option to media import to strip exif data from jpeg images

Version 0.361.0

  • fix: add accessibility label to filter select dropdown
  • fix: accessibility issues
  • fix: add accessible names to buttons
  • fix: error viewing media in some circumstances

Version 0.360.0

  • fix: add missing access place property to place editor
  • fix: has description filter not working correctly

Version 0.359.0

  • fix(sw): use NetworkFirst strategy for navigation routes

Version 0.358.0

  • fix: unable to open settings in some circumstances

Version 0.357.0

  • fix: moving a place not working

Version 0.356.0

  • fix: searching will now also match by system name

Version 0.355.0

  • feat: improve place autocomplete

Version 0.352.0

  • feat: add loading splashscreens for IOS devices
  • feat: update app icons
  • feat: add app screenshots

Version 0.351.0

  • feat: on mobile keep screen on while caching for offline use

Version 0.350.0

  • fix: tiles not being cached for offline use correctly in some circumstances

Version 0.349.0

  • feat: show downloads panel after map or place caching starts
  • feat: minor ui improvements to offline maps dialog
  • fix: place media downloads not restarting

Version 0.348.0

  • feat: make property page visible by default when editing a place

Version 0.347.0

  • feat: allow downloading of all place media within the viewport to you can see them when offline

Version 0.344.0

  • feat: use article cover photos on place view if available

Version 0.342.0

  • fix: error saving filters

Version 0.341.0

  • feat: add mine place time

Version 0.338.0

  • feat: improve search box autocomplete

Version 0.337.0

  • feat: search bar now auto completes by place name

Version 0.335.0

  • feat: sharing sites will now have the correct site name and not just caveDB

Version 0.334.0

  • feat: allow settings media properties on import
  • fix: media attribution not displaying correctly in some circumstances

Version 0.333.0

  • fix: minor layout cleanup to place badges

Version 0.332.0

  • feat: allow specifying attribution text and link for media

Version 0.331.0

  • feat: add popup when initially syncing data

Version 0.330.0

  • feat: trip report allows reporting wind and swell if the place is tidal

Version 0.329.0

  • fix: some controls overflowing when on mobile

Version 0.328.0

  • feat: show min / max water temperature on place view if specified
  • fix: display temperature in Fahrenheit if units are imperial
  • fix: display max water depth in feet if units are imperial
  • fix: profile dialog closing when selecting units

Version 0.327.0

  • feat: you can now set water temp and visibility on trip reports

Version 0.326.0

  • feat: add initial support for trip reports To add open a place and click `Add trip report’

Version 0.325.0

  • fix: clicking on place not opening view on initial load

Version 0.323.0

  • fix: place share links not opening place

Version 0.322.0

  • feat: make navigator work betterer

Version 0.321.0

  • feat: make back button close place view window

Version 0.320.0

  • feat: reorder tools
  • fix: sharing using incorrect url

Version 0.319.0

  • feat: move sign in, sign out and profile to header

Version 0.316.0

  • fix: add warning descriptions to place view

Version 0.315.0

  • fix: duplicate media entries sometimes showing
  • fix: media content type not being saved

Version 0.314.0

  • fix: fix exception when place geo is updated

Version 0.313.0

  • feat: colour survey and tracks in different colours
  • feat: each media item can now be annotated as to its type

Version 0.312.0

  • feat: add markdown editor for place articles with preview
  • feat: cleanup editor layout

Version 0.311.0

  • fix: minor layout fixes to place editor

Version 0.310.0

  • fix: reduce dialog padding to give more room on mobile

Version 0.309.0

  • feat: improve mobile layout in go to DMS location dialog

Version 0.308.0

  • feat: add new place type “Landmark” for none cave location markers

Version 0.307.0

  • feat: add support for adding GPX files to places
  • fix: explicitly set direction of coords
  • fix: make location marker slightly smaller
  • fix: Files with .geojson could not be uploaded
  • fix: put ‘‘recenter map” button at the bottom

Version 0.306.0

  • fix: : make recenter map button text white
  • fix: : make exit navigation button text white

Version 0.305.0

  • fix: minor fixed to place editor

Version 0.304.0

  • fix: some places not showing on map

Version 0.303.0

  • fix: editing a places position was not updating its location on the map until reloading the app

Version 0.302.0

  • feat: when user is search using the search box automatically zoom to the results

Version 0.301.0

  • fix: map tile downloads sometimes not starting until app is reloaded

Version 0.299.0

  • feat: change home location terminology to car location
  • feat: add marker on map at car location

Version 0.298.0

  • feat: you can now save your ‘home’ position and navigate back to it from the settings menu. This is useful to remember where you parked you car when you go bush bashing.

Version 0.297.0

  • feat: hide survey markers when zoomed out on map
  • fix: hide water related info from place view if site does not go to water

Version 0.296.0

  • fix: num showing label text badly aligned when recenter map button is showing

Version 0.295.0

  • fix: layout overflowing the screen on mobile browsers

Version 0.293.0

  • feat: show survey labels on map
  • feat: add show moderation queue command to tools
  • feat: add show change log command to tools
  • fix: do not show num site showing when display survey view
  • fix: set loading screen background color to black

Version 0.292.0

  • fix: move recenter map button to right handside to improve layout on mobile

Version 0.291.0

  • feat: move number of places showing message to the map window and free up some vertical space

Version 0.290.0

  • fix: move ‘recenter map’ button to top center of the map

Version 0.288.0

  • feat: when tracking location or navigating if you drag the map it will no longer snap back to your current location. A ‘recenter map’ button will display that will center the map on your location again.
  • fix: cleanup display of your current location while tracking and add copy to clipboard button

Version 0.287.0

  • fix: screen turning off when navigating

Version 0.285.0

  • fix: moderation requests not correctly ordered by submission date
  • fix: places are slow to update after editing when on a low speed connection

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